Intel Optane + vExpert = Awesome!

Thank you to @Intel and @vExpert for the opportunity to test some unique technology in the Intel Optane drives. I have been part of the VMware vExpert program for four years now, and in 2023, there was a webinar done by Intel on their Optane drives. After the webinar, there was the chance to be... Continue Reading →

VMware Tanzu Vanguard – 2023

VMware Tanzu Vanguard 2023 It is official, and I have been awarded VMware Tanzu Vanguard 2023 for the first time applying. On December 18, 2022, a very nice email arrived in my inbox from Brian Chang (@techadvoguy), one of the community managers indicating he received my application and was giving me the chance to join... Continue Reading →

VMware vExpert 2023 – Year 4

VMware vExpert 2023 It is official; I have been awarded VMware vExpert 2023 for the 4th year. My first application was in 2020, and I was accepted, so I continued to apply again in the Evangelist Path for 2023.  As luck would have it, I was accepted for 2023, another year in a great program.... Continue Reading →

VMware vExpert 2022 – Year 3

VMware vExpert 2022 It is official, I have been awarded VMware vExpert 2022 for the 3rd year in a row. I first applied in 2020 as my first go-round and was accepted, so continued to apply again in the Evangelist Path for 2022.  As luck would have it I was accepted for 2022 so another... Continue Reading →

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