Veeam Vanguard 2023 – Year Six

WOW! Accepted for the sixth year in a row. #VeeamVanguard Veeam Vanguard 2023 I was a part of the Veeam Vanguard program for the past five years in 2018-2022, with the hopes of another renewal for the 2023 year. Applications opened up for the 2023 year, and this time, it was all based on your... Continue Reading →

Veeam Legends Program – Renewed for 2023!

Veeam Legend 2023 It is official; I have been awarded Veeam Legends 2023 for the 2nd year. I received a great surprise in my email from Madalina Cristil (@MadiCristil), the manager of the Veeam Community Legends program, Rick Vanover (@rickvanover), Safiya Mohamed (@safiya), and Nikola Pejkova (@NikolaPejkova) I was renewed into the 2023 first intake.... Continue Reading →

VMware vExpert 2023 – Year 4

VMware vExpert 2023 It is official; I have been awarded VMware vExpert 2023 for the 4th year. My first application was in 2020, and I was accepted, so I continued to apply again in the Evangelist Path for 2023.  As luck would have it, I was accepted for 2023, another year in a great program.... Continue Reading →

Veeam 100 Summit Recap

I’d like to first thank Rick Vanover, Madalina Cristil, Nikola Pejková, Aubrey Galen, and everyone at Veeam for their efforts and support leading into the Veeam 100 Summit. It’s a HUGE undertaking that requires many levels of coordination. This was my first time attending the event in person. It was an honour to attend such a prestigious event and meet many fellow... Continue Reading →

VeeamON 2022 Live – Recap

VeeamON 2022 was live this year in Las Vegas and it was a great event.  I am a little late with my review of the conference due to catching COVID when I got back which took me out last week.  But I am back to feeling great again so here is my in-depth review and... Continue Reading →

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