VMWare vExpert Subprogram Acceptance – Cloud Provider 2023

Well, for the second year, I have been accepted to the vExpert Cloud Provider subprogram for 2023!

I applied to the vExpert sub program last year in 2022 and was accepted for the first time.  So after renewing my vExpert for 2023, I figured I might as well apply again for the Cloud Provider subprogram once they opened up.

I was accepted to the vExpert Cloud Provider 2023 subprogram for the second year this year.  Since I work with an MSP and we have many vCloud/NSX installations in our data centers, I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to expand my skills further on the Cloud side of things with @VMware.

As always with any evangelist program applications, the waiting is the hard part, and then an email came Friday indicating my acceptance to the program once again.

Thanks to the @vExpert program and Corey Romero – @vCommunityGuy.   I look forward to what this subprogram brings and helping to contribute in any way I can for another year.

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